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Book Travel

Not sure where to go next or how to get there? We can help with over 20 years experience, let us show you the way.

Make Music

Book Carson Chandler for your special event.
Talented acoustic musician with a passion for classic country & western music

Create Art

Visit Reusefulness. Recycled useful goodness. From smoking bottles, to stump finders you will find one a kind, unique gifts here.
Store is currently being updated with more products coming soon.

E-Mail Marketing

As a Certified Partner with Constant Contact we help small businesses and nonprofit organizations quickly & easily with websites and media marketing.

 And Cook 

Pampered Chef is on the menu. Get great cooking tips and ideas.
Book and free online party and share the fun!

Who am I!

My name is Elizabeth Chandler and I am excited  you are here! I have been in the travel industry doing sales and marketing for over 20 years. I am a certified Constant Contact Partner and working on META certification. I  currently work at Ace Hardware where I share basic DIY projects in my store Reusefulness. My husband loves to cook, thus the Pampered Chef is included here.
I want to share the skills I've learned WITH YOU!

Tell me about you. Do you have any comments for me?

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Meet the Family!

7 boys, 1 daughter, and 9 grandchildren!

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